Thank you for visiting us in this weird time. We are extremely grateful for that. The Corona crisis has turned our fundamental idea of ​​hospitality upside down. Do not shake hands, keep distance from our guests. You know the drill by now. Despite the fact that there is plexiglass and 1.5 meters between us, we are more than happy to welcome you and wish you a great time in beautiful Maastricht.

The health of our guests and employees is paramount, so we look at what we can do from day to day.
Matters that we have adjusted for you to stay safe;

  • Improved protocols for cleaning and hygiene
  • We offer our guests disinfectant dispensers in public areas
  • Regular disinfection of exposed surfaces such as door handles and card terminals with antibacterial fluids.
  • We follow the government procedures for dealing with colleagues who are ill
  • We do not serve a breakfast buffet until further notice. Though there are a lot of great breakfast places nearby that we can advise you.
  • Pay with pin or mobile
  • Our swimming pool has adjusted opening hours. Please inquire at the reception for current times.

If you have any questions, you can always reach us on 043 321 22 11

Have a great time in Maastricht.