Terms and Conditions
Uniform Conditions for the Hotel Industry is applicable (KHZ)

  1. Agreement

Unless otherwise expressly acknowledged in writing by the hotel and permitted in writing, and whatever the contract, reservation or other usual conditions of the customer, only these General Terms and Conditions form an integral and inseparable part of all actions, services and / or agreements of , with and / or between hotel Zenden, hereinafter referred to as a hotel for short, on the one hand, and the other party in the broad sense, hereinafter referred to as the customer, on the other. Consequently, without exception, all mutual agreements are only mutually binding if confirmed in writing by letter or fax. Any deviation in terms and conditions recognized and permitted by the hotel does not change the other terms and conditions and is of strict interpretation.

  1. Payment terms

Our invoices are payable on the invoice date without discount. Individual customers must, under penalty of automatic cancellation, provide a credit card guarantee when booking.

If the invoice is not paid or not paid in full after 30 days, the customer will be legally obliged to pay compensation of 15% on the invoice amount with a minimum of 50 euros and a maximum of 1250 euros. Interest and compensation are due solely by default of payment. Payments after a delay in payment are first charged on interest and compensation, only then on the invoice price. A non-occupancy of the accommodations made available, an incomplete and / or disputed stay and / or reservation and / or service by the customer can never be used as a pretext for a delay in payment. Any delay in payment entitles the hotel to unilaterally and without compensation to the buyer, to annul all existing and not yet executed agreements as well as to stop any execution of current agreements.

  1. Description

The descriptions, sizes and colors, as well as details of photos and / or drawings in the quotations and / or catalogs, are purely informative and never binding.

  1. Check-in and check-out

The reserved stays are available to the customer from 2 pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated by the customer by 11 am on the day of departure. If a customer with a guaranteed reservation does not show up before 11 am following the anticipated day of arrival, the hotel has the right by operation of law to charge the customer compensation equal to the price of the entire reservation value, including any possible the requested additional services, on the one hand, and to consider the related contract, possibly longer-term, as terminated, on the other.

  1. Complaints

Every complaint regarding accommodation, goods and / or invoice must be reported to the hotel by the customer as soon as possible during his stay, in order to give the hotel the opportunity to resolve the complaint immediately. If no complaint is made during the stay, no refund or compensation will be given afterwards.

  1. Force majeure

In case of force majeure, unforeseeable events independent of its will and / or exceptional circumstances, the hotel reserves the right to accommodate the customer, without any form of compensation, with a colleague hotel, if possible in the vicinity. .

  1. Damage

All damage caused by the customer, both to accommodations, upholstery goods, and / or other, belonging to or at the hotel or belonging to third parties with which the hotel maintains relations, will be paid in cash according to the hotel’s statement accepted by the customer. without discussion, and this at the latest before the departure of the customer. Regarding the parking of vehicles in the parking lot and in the garages of the hotel, as well as in installations belonging to third parties with which the hotel maintains relations, it is agreed that the hotel is relieved of any responsibility, regardless of cause, such as, without limitation. damage, theft and / or disappearance to the vehicle or the objects attached and / or lying in it and / or on it, as well as, for example, physical injuries to customers or third parties which would have been caused by anyone / whatever in these places.


  1. Disputes

In any dispute, wherever the act, service or agreement takes place, only the Courts of Leuven are competent and this exclusively in accordance with Belgian law. Neither bills of exchange nor deviating payment methods change this authority. The customer accepts these general terms and conditions at the time of the reservation, or at the latest upon arrival on the day of arrival. The customer declares that he knows, understands and agrees to these terms and conditions and that he will also comply with the usual house rules of the hotel establishment and the instructions provided to him by the hotel staff. The hotel is entitled to terminate the provision of catering services to a guest at any time and without notice if the guest repeatedly violates the house rules, or otherwise behaves in such a way that order and peace in the catering establishment and / or the normal operation thereof can be or is disturbed. The guest must then leave the hotel on first request.

  1. Double reservation by the customer

The customer undertakes to refrain from the practice of entering into different agreements with different hotels for one and the same event. The establishment by the hotel of non-compliance with this gentlement’s agreement by the customer gives the hotel the right to regard this as a unilateral cancellation by the customer with cancellation costs at the expense of the customer as described under article 13, but with a minimum of 30 % of the reserved services at the time of their notification by the hotel to the customer.

  1. Cancellation conditions

If you have to cancel your reservation, we are forced to charge for this. Deviating cancellation conditions of booking agencies prevail.


  • If canceled up to 4 days before arrival date, no costs will be charged.
  • If canceled up to 3 days before arrival date, 50% of the full amount of the reservation will be charged.
  • In case of cancellation or change less than 72 hours before arrival date or if you do not show up (no show), the full amount of the reservation will be charged.
  • No refund will be given for earlier departure

Groups *

  • In case of cancellation more than 1 month before arrival: 35% of the reservation value
  • From 7 to 14 days before arrival: 60% of the reservation value
  • More than 7 days before arrival: 85% of the reservation value
  • 7 days or less before arrival: 100% of the reservation value
  • No refund will be given for earlier departure

(*) Groups: Any booking from 3 rooms