A fresh, bright room with a luxuriously designed bathroom. The shower is surrounded with glass panels. The space is designed to be stylish and practical, in line with the il bagno Alessi dot-concept.

You sleep in an extra-long Auping bed. With us extra-long means more than two meters. The room is equipped with furniture from Vitra, a very distinctive mirror flat-screen TV, heating, a bathroom, a minibar and a laptop safe. Tip: pamper yourself even more with the personal-care products from L’Occitane.


A spacious room including an Alessi bathroom with a glass shower facility. Our Patio Room has a private patio that offers a great view over the city center of Maastricht. To prolong your wildest dreams, you sleep in an extra-long Auping bed. This bed is more than two meters long.

You can also relax on the furniture from Vitra. Meanwhile you can enjoy a movie on the unique flat-mirror TV. The room is further equipped with heating, a toilet, a minibar and a laptop safe. The bathroom is filled with personal-care products from L’Occitane, to help you relax even more.


An extra-large bright room with a free-standing Alessi bath. You have a white bathroom in line with the il bagno Alessi dot-concept, including an all-glass shower facility. The room is spacious and bright. At the front-side you have panoramic views over Maastricht. Even if you are over 6 feet tall, you’ll have all the space you need in our extra-long Auping bed. The furniture is designed by Vitra and the room is equipped with a very unique flat-mirror TV. Furthermore, the room is equipped with heating, a bathroom, a minibar and a laptop safe. In the bathroom you’ll find several personal-care products from L’Occitane.


Near the hotel you will find the Zenden studios. The studios offer space and luxury in every inch of the room. You will immediately feel more cosmopolitan.

World Radiance
You’re in Maastricht, but you might just as well be New York or Rome. The spacious and luxurious apartments add to this feeling due to their international look and feel. Moreover, we combine the comfort of a private apartment with the service and hospitality of our hotel. Most studios have a private patio. They vary in size from 30 to 70 square meters. From some of the studios you can see the water of the river Meuse gliding by. It’s an unforgettable experience!

Alessi and Vitra
Alessi and the Vitra are the brand names. They return in the shower and the furniture. All of the studio have fully equipped kitchens with a refrigerator, dishwasher and espresso machine. Additionally each studio is equipped with a very special mirror flat-screen TV and free access to high-speed wireless internet. You sleep in an extra-long, double-bed from Auping. The studios are further equipped with a desk/work table.

Extended stay is possible
The studios include heating, individual air conditioning units as well as a laptop safe. And of course there is a bathroom. Be sure to use the complimentary personal-care products from L’Occitane. You may find it difficult to leave your studio. In that event, a long-term stay is possible.